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What's New in v3.3

DHTML Tree v3.3

1. Internet Explorer 8 support for all Deluxe products!

2. AJAX feature of Deluxe Tree didn't work with Firefox 3.0.

3. Other minor fixes.

DHTML Tree v3.2 (Jan 14, 2008)

1. Minor fixes.

DHTML Tree v3.1

1. AJAX-like technology: data for submenus can be loaded "on-the-fly" from the server.

New parameter:
var tajax = 0/1; - disables/enables AJAX-like support

Current syntax for item parameters (var tmenuItems):
[text, link, iconNormal, iconOver, iconExpanded, tip, target, itemStyleInd, itemXPStyleInd, jsFileName]

Where jsFileName - .js filename on the server with submenu items (var tmenuItems).

2. New parameters:

         - var tXPAlign = left / right; - alignment of item image in XPStyle.
         - var tXPMenuSpace=10; - set the space between toplevel menu items in XP-Style.
         - var tpointsBImage=""; - branch lines image.

3. Fix for Firefox on MAC: in XP-Style top level menu item disappeared when it expands.

4. Fixes for Safari on MAC:
     - top level menu items were expanded without animation;
     - when subitem was collapsed then it was hidden behind main menu.

5. Fix for IE: unneeded scrollbar was appeared for HTML 4.01 DOCTYPE.

6. Fix for Netscape 7: when subitem was collapsed/expanded the scrollbar was appeared.

7. Save the menu state for current domen.

8. Top items in XP-Style are clickable now if its link is defined.

9. Other minor fixes.

DHTML Tree v2.4

1. Tree menu loads .js modules automatically. dtree_ss.js is deleted, it's code moved into dtree.js file.

2. Fix for texpandItemClick and tcloseExpanded - click on item's text doesn't collapse expanded items

3. Fix for empty image names (e.g. titemBackImage = ["",""])

4. New parameters:
         - var tWorkPath - You should define this parameter before you call dtree.js if .js files of the menu aren't placed into the same folder with html page.
         - var tpathPrefix_img - Path prefix for menu images. This string will be added for all image paths in the tree menu.
         - var tpathPrefix_link - Path prefix for menu links. This string will be added for all links in the expandable menu.

DHTML Tree v1.0

1. New engine, new performance, new features!

2. Several .js modules to decline a loadable data level according to selected features

3. Special JavaScript API (dtree_dyn.js) that permits you to change your menu "on-the-fly":
         - create new items and insert them into any place of the menu
         - create sub menus in XP-mode
         - delete items and sub menus
         - change items parameters
         - show/hide items and sub menus
         - enable/disable items
         - expand/collapse items and sub menus
         - assign your own functions to mouse click/right-click events          - get detailed info about the menu and its components: object IDs, items parameters, etc.

4. New animation effects, so your dhtml menus will look like standard menus in Windows XP


5. New parameters:
         - var tfloatableX, tfloatableY - set a floatable capability for the menu along X and Y axes
         - var tcloseExpanded, var tcloseExpandedXP - allow expanding of only one item and one sub menu
         - evar ttoggleMode - enables a toggle mode - selected item is highlighted          - var tXPFilter - enables a fade effect for sub menu in XP-style in IE
         - var tfontColorDisabled - font color for disabled items
         - var tnoWrap - enables a word-wrap mode


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