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    The copy/paste and the CTRL + C/V & Insert keys don't seem to work in dhtml slide menu.

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Q: In the main window of DHTML Tuner, it says "use Ctrl key to select and copy items" But when I try to use these keys it doesn't work.

How I can use Ctrl C and Ctrl V in the dhtml slide menu generator?

A: To copy dhtml slide menu items select those you want and use a mouse drag'n'drop method holding a Ctrl key.
To move items select items you want and use a mouse drag'n'drop method.
To select a group of items you can use Shift and Ctrl keys.

To rename an item click on it and hold a mouse cursor for a second. Or use "Item Parameters" window.
Also you can use a contextual menu - a right mouse click on the list of items.

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