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    Does your license for menu for html need to be tied to a domain name to work?

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Q: Some of the sites we build for our clients are internal only and do not have a proper domain name. In the case of my current client, the site answer to a servername call from within the network. Eg. http://WebServer1/ . They will NOT have a proper domain name (eg www.mysite.com). So, my question is, does your licensing need to be tied to a domain name to work? How can we purchase a license for the menu for html and have this work? Also, the client has not yet confirmed the server name. How will this work?

A: < Does your licensing need to be tied to a domain name to work?
Single and Multiple Website licenses are bound to a domain name.
Developer License - this version of the menu for html doesn't check keys and it isn't bound to a domain name, so it can be used with an application that doesn't have a fixed domain name.

You need to register the hostname of the website (as appears in the URL, for example http://yourintranet/ , http://WebServer1/).

In you case you should register "WebServer1".

For your new client you can buy Single Website License. You can also upgrade to Multiple Website license for the price difference and generate your own keys for the clients or you can upgrade to Developer License.

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