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    My html pop up menu don't work with a popup...

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Q: I have a problem with the evaluation.

I'm trying to get a click/context html pop up menu from clicking an image but no matter what I try I have the errors with object required on line 15. If I just display the html pop up menu with the usual <script> menu.js etc. entry it works but not with a popup?

I've read your examples / source over and over again but no joy. Please please help if you can?

PS: I've set the popupMode variable to 1 in the html pop up menu definition file.

A: The installation of your Popup html pop up menu is not correct.

If you have only one html pop up menu on your page you should write
<img src='images/note.gif' oncontextmenu='return dm_popup(0 ,2000 ,event );'>

You should also copy dmenu_popup.js file into the same folder with dmenu.js file.

More info you can find here:

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