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    DHTML Menu Bar Features

Features Description
Easy Installation and Customization Adjust drop down menu parameters manually or using DHTML Tuner. Then add a few  rows of a code within html page - your menu is ready!
Javascript API
(Javascript Dynamic Menu)
(Real-time modifications)
Use special JavaScript API for:
  - Dynamic changing of items (text, link, icons and even individual styles!).
  - Addition/removing of items.
  - Addition/removing of sub menus (new! v2.0).
  - Changing of visibility of items.
  - Making a drop down menu item active/inactive.
  - Getting the info on any menu, submenu and items.
  - Other tricks.
Cross Frame Menu Cross frame mode permits you to create full-featured menus on the pages that use frame-based structure (framesets). But theer is no need to add any extra code into all the pages - just specify some specific parameters of the drop down menu.
new! v2.0
(AJAX-like Technology)
This method allows you to load data for submenus "on-the-fly" from the server. It saves outgoing traffic from the server particularly when using big menus.
Supported browsers:
     Windows OS: IE5+, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape 7+, Opera 8+
     MAC OS: Firefox, Safari
Popup Menu
(Right Click Menu)
Create context-dependent menus for your pages. The current coordinates of the mouse pointer or your own ones can be used for the context-dependent menu.
Keystrokes Support You can control the menu using the keyboard.
Press Ctrl+F2 right now and use your keyboard to control the top menu.
Press Esc to exit the menu.
Smart Scrollable Feature
(Javascript Scrolling Menu)
When the submenu is bigger than the visible area of the page the sub menu will be automatically decreased. To see all items in the submenu you do not need to use scrollbars - just put your mouse on a submenu and it will be scrolled automatically!
You can also set individual width and height for each detached submenu.
new! v3.0
Sound Support
You can add sound effects to all menu events, menu mouse over, button click.
This effect supported by IE only.
new! v3.0
Search Support
Now you have a possibility to add search bar in the menu. You can search within current submenu only or with the whole menu. Press Enter to move on the founded words.
Objects Overlapping
(Flash Layer Overlap Menu)
Sub menus drop down over all the objects of the page (flash, object, embed, select). If a sub menu can't drop down over an object, it will be hidden for a time when the sub menu is shown.
CSS Javascript Menu
(CSS-based menu)
You can design menus absolutely based on Cascading Style Sheets. It is possible to assign the individual CSS styles for detached elements of the DHTML menu bar.
Filters and Transitional Effects
(Dhtml Dynamic Menu)

(supported by PC IE5+)
These effects will make your drop down menu more alluring and elegant. You can shadow the menu and submenus, set transitional effects and transparency. Between available transitional effects there are such as random dissolve, slide out, fade, mosaic and many others.
Individual Styles
(Javascript Cascade Menu)
Create individual styles and appoint them to any submenu and item. Use individual styles to reach magnificent effects!
Floating Menu When the page is scrolled the drop down menu stays visible. The menu can "float" along one or two coordinate axes.
Moving Menu (Movable Menu/Drag and Drop Menu) Use a mouse to move a menu as a common window.
Also you can make the menu where each sub menu can be "detached" from the menu (MS Office toolbar-like mode).
Multilevel Drop Down List
Multicolumn Dhtml Menu Script
Create multilevel menus - use as many rows of the dhtml menu as necessary. Any submenu can contain different number of columns.
Orientation of the Menu.
Several Menus on One Page
Create both horizontal and vertical dhtml menus and sub menus with any number of menus on one page.
Ways of Showing SubMenus
(Javascript Mouse Over Menu)
Sub menus can be displayed in four ways:
    - From left to right and from left to right + upwards also.
    - From right to left and from right to left + upwards also (e.g. for right-to-left languages).
Image Based Navigation Use images for backgrounds of submenus and items, icons. In that case you can create menus completely based on graphics.
Use Any HTML Code Include any HTML code inside the dhtml DHTML menu bar item - form, picture, select object, flash-object or text. This feature allows you to create various menus of any complexity.
Menu Size and Positioning Set the size of the dhtml menu in pixels, percent or other units.
You can use an absolute or relative position for the drop down menu (it can be inserted into the DIV or table).
Padding and Spacing You can specify various values for padding and spacing for the whole menu or for each separate submenu using Individual Styles.
Delays and Prefixes You can set a time for delays in showing/hiding of a submenus.
Use special prefixes for image paths and links to make menu paths absolute.
Separators Create separators for the top menu items and submenus using your own pictures, size and alignment.
Borders and Background Colors, Fonts Create any available type, thickness and color of a menu's border.
Select any color for backgrounds of sub menus and items. Use any needful font of any size, color and font decoration.

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