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    Do you have a working sample of the menu javascript horizontal with PHP/MySQL?

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Q: I want to create the menu javascript horizontal on my website using PHP/MySQL. I have found some info on it in your Support section, but have problems to understand and wonder if you have additional info or a working sample of the menu javascript horizontal with PHP / MySQL.

A: Info about generating menu javascript horizontal (menu items )from a database, please, see:

The content of .php file depends on your database structure.
See the example of .php file:


// The example for PHP/MySQL.
// MySQL database has the table "menuTable" that contains data for menu javascript horizontal items.
// The table has the following fields:
// 1. "text" - item text
// 2. "link" - item link
// 3. "icon1" - item icon (normal state)
// 4. "icon2" - item icon (mouseover state)
function getMenuItems()
$jsItems = '';

// Select all records from table "menuTable"
$allItems = mysql_query('SELECT * FROM menuTable;');

// Extract items data from database and build Javascript code for menuItems
while ($itemData=mysql_fetch_array($allItems))
$jsItems .= '["'.$itemData['text'].'", "'.$itemData['link'].'", "'.$itemData['icon1'].'", "'.$itemData['icon2'].'"],';

// Return Javascript code
return $jsItems;


var menuParam1 = value1;
var menuParam2 = value2;
var menuParam2 = value2;

var menuItems = [


// Write Javascript code for menu items
echo getMenuItems();




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