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    Will this pulldown menu html work for us, as we use IFrames and Frameset?

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Q: Will Dhtml Menu and Dhtml Tabs work for us. As we use IFrames and Frameset through out our program.
pulldown menu html will be in frame3 and tabs in frame4. Should pop up in frame5.

       <frame>    <frame1>     <frame2>
  <frame3-DHTML-Menu>    <frame4-DHTML-Tabs>
<frame5 - Content and more IFrames and Framesets>

A: Dhtml Menu doesn't work with <IFrame> objects. It works with <frameset> objects only. All it can to do with <IFrame> is to load pages into it.
You should use standard installation for the pulldown menu html (cross-frame mode).

See more info here:

DHTML Menu and DHTML Tabs will work fine in such frame structure.

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