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    I want to have a different font and color for my dynamic dropdown menu submenu items...

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Q: Basically I want to have a different font and color for my submenu items so they appear differently than the main Items - but it seems there is only two options for fonts in "Individual Styles" for "Submenu styles".

The global font parameters affecting all fonts (main items and submenus).
Why there is no font paramenters for Submenu Items in dynamic dropdown menu?

A: You can assign Item Style for the submenu items too.

See the example:

var itemStyles = [
["fontStyle=normal 13px Comic Sans MS"], //item style 0
You should assign this style for all items in submenu.

var menuStyles = [

["Product Info","", "default.files/icon1.gif", "default.files/icon1o.gif", , , "0", , , ], //item style 0
["||How To Setup","testlink.html", "default.files/icon6.gif", "default.files/icon6o.gif", , , "0", , , ], //item style 0

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