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    Submenus appear away for the menu example.

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Q: I have just bought the software and created a first menu example.

As you can see the sub-menus appear away for the navigation bar.

This doesn't happen when I install the code into an .html file without any DIVs.

Can you suggest what the problem might be here?

A: menu example can't get css properties of the object if they are described in separate .css block (or file).
You can't get the value of "position" attribute of the object if the object doesn't have this property within inline style (style="position:absolute"). To get the value you should move .css style into style="" attribute.

You should add style="position:absolute;"

to the

<DIV id=nav_bar_main>

So, you'll have:

<DIV id=nav_bar_main style="position:absolute;">

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