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    Can I create the following sample with your menu dynamique dhtml?

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Q: Can you tell me what parameters control the lines around the top level of menu dynamique dhtml items and subitems?
I would like to create a top menu dynamique dhtml that displays as follows:
Home   |   Proposal Reponses   |   Marketing Info   |

As you can see I would like to create the menu dynamique dhtml with no borders around the top level and a vertical line separator between each top level menu dynamique dhtml item.

For the sub-menu items I would like there to be a thin border around the sub-menu.

A: Yes, you can create such menu using DHTML Menu. Use the following Individual style and assign it to the first top item in the menu dynamique dhtml.

Set these parameters:
var menuBorderWidth=1;
var menuStyles = [
["menuBorderWidth=0"], //style 0

["Home","testlink.html", , , , , , "0", , ], //style 0
["Product Info","", "default.files/icon1.gif", "default.files/icon1o.gif", , , , , , ],

To add lines between main items you can paste the separators.

Please, see the following parameters:

//------- Separators -------
var separatorWidth = "10";
var separatorHeight = "20";
var separatorAlignment = "center";
var separatorImage = "C";
var separatorVWidth = "150";
var separatorVHeight = "10%";
var separatorVImage = "image.jpg";

You can create separators using menuItems, for example:

var menuItems = [
["item 1"],
["-"], // this item is separator
["item 2"],

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