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    I can't validate my pages with W3C or WDG validators using dhtml pop up menu...

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Q: I purchased the right to use your dhtml pop up menu because I liked how it worked versus my old menu which is your competitor (milonic menu) in the javascript driven dhtml pop up menu market.
However, after using your dhtml pop up menu for a few months, I have discovered a problem. When I bought the dhtml pop up menu, the claim was made it worked with all Doctypes. I use "strict" on my web site and want my pages to validate as strict with W3C or WDG validators.
I get a notice of "Incorrect Copyright" when I remove the link to your site in the heading of the document since this line does not validate.
I have looked over the FAQ on your site and I couldn't find an answer.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

A: Thanks for your interest in our products.

Try to move <noscript> tag into the <body> tag.

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