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    I have some problems with multiple menu flyout on my site.

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Q: I'm currently experimenting with your menu flyout, so we will probably go with yours and get a developer license.

I do have a problem with two menus on my site...

If you go over the first item in the left menu flyout, it will show its submenu at the top; if you go over the first item of the top menu flyout, it will also show the contents of the second menu flyout...

How can we change this?

A: Installation of your menu flyout is not correct.
See more info about installation here:

There is no
<script type="text/javascript">var dmWorkPath = "menudir/";</script>
parameter on your page.

Notice also that you should call dmenu.js file only once and then call your data files.
Now you have two calls of dmenu.js file.

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