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    It seems to me that this css menu deroulant supports IE (on the PC and Mac) only.

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Q: I ask because I like the css menu deroulant and would like to purchase the developer's license but our users represent a wide range of platforms and browsers.

It seems to me that this product supports IE (on the PC and Mac) only. It doesn't support Safari or Netscape on any platform. Is that correct?

A: DHTML products support a major part of modern browsers:

IE 5+
Opera 5+
NS 6+

Also css menu deroulant support MAC browsers: Safari, IE, Firefox.

If you can't see Tree css menu deroulant in Firefox you should set the following parameters:

It's necessary to specify exact value for Mozilla browsers. It helps to position css menu deroulant correctly.
Try to specify units in "px".
var tmenuWidth = "280px";

You should set the following parameter also:
var tmenuHeight = "auto";

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