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    I would like the html menu example block to move down...

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Q: I would like the html menu example block to move down so that it is always a certain number of pixels below the top of the viewed screen, not the absolute top of the page.

I have a fairly typical screen layout with a html menu example on the left hand 10% of the screen and the main screen content on the right 90%. Some of my screens get very long, so that when you scroll all the way down to the bottom, the html menu example is left way up off screen.

Is this something your software does? If so, which one of your products?

A: You can create such html menu example with DHTML Menu.
You should use floatable menu, so you can always see the html menu example.
But to use the floatable feature

var floatable=1;

you should use the absolute position for the html menu example

var absolutePos=1;
var posX="10";
var posY="10";

Try the trial version of the menu.

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