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    Can I create my floating click menu javascript to make it search engines friendly?

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Q: Hi I recently bought a click menu javascript from you - which is really great.
Is it possible for me to create my click menu javascript to make it friendly for search engines?

I have been told that search engines will find it hard to crawl through the click menu javascript and find the other parts of my site.

A: DHTML Menu is a search engine friendly menu since v1.12.

To generate such a code use DHTML Tuner application.
You can find this GUI in the trial package.
Run Tuner, load your menu and click Tools/Generate SE-friendly Code (F3).
To create a search engine friendly click menu javascript you should add additional html code within your html page:

< div id="dmlinks">
< a href="http://deluxe-menu.com"> menu_item_text1< /a>
< a href="http://deluxe-tree.com"> menu_item_text2< /a>
< /div>

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