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    How can I expand dynamic navigation menu and open link in a frame at the same time?

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Q: I really like how this works and I think it will wind up working for us, but I have a question. On the xp style dynamic navigation menu, is there a way when you click one of the tree menu 'headers' that will open up other choices for example on your http://dhtml-menu.com/dhtml-tree/data-samples/script-menu-tree-floatable.html. When you click either the deluxe tree:xp style or the samples gallery or the samples gallery2 section, can you make it so it opens a page in another frame? The way it is now you it won't open a page until you click on the 'samples block 1' or below.

A: Actually you cannot use links for the top items in XP Style.
But theoretically you can use links for the top items. You can write any html code witin meuItems:

["<a href='index.html' class='home' target="frame">Home</a>","", "", "", "", "Return to Index page", "", "0", "", ],
["<a href='http://www.domain.uk' class='home' target="frame">About Us</a>","", "", "", "", "", "", "0", "", ],
["|Introduction","http://www.domain.uk/introduction.htm", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ],

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