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    Does your javascript menu scroll compatible with Namo WebEditor 2006?

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Q: I use Namo WebEditor 2006 to edit our website.
I used your DHTML Tuner to create a javascript menu scroll but when I try to paste the script into my editor I don't get the javascript menu scroll at all. I have read your instructions and followed them step by step several times but it doesn't work. Can you please help me.

A: javascript menu scroll wasn't developed as Namo WebEditor 2006 extension,
BUT you can use it as standard Javascript files. To install the javascript menu scroll into your html page:

1. open the page in Namo WebEditor 2006
2. open html source code of the page (generated in DHTML Tuner)
3. add several rows of code (<script> tags), For info see:


That's all. To create and configure your javascript menu scroll use DHTML Tuner application (you can find it the trial package): http://dhtml-menu.com/menu/deluxe-tuner-info.html

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