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    We want to know how to make the background on your html pop up menu to be transparent?

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Q: We installed a html pop up menu in the table which contains a back image. Is it possible to make the background on your html pop up menu to be transparent so that you can see our table cell background through the html pop up menu.
We have tried to put our image as your html pop up menu background, but then it repeats for all of the submenus.
We want the row of top items to be transparent and all of the submenus to be white.

Is this possible with your html pop up menu and, if so, how to make this work?

A: You can try to use transparent value for the following parameters:

var menuBackColor="transparent";
var itemBackColor=["transparent","#1665CB"];

Or, you can use Individual Item Styles and set images only for the top html pop up menu items.

Try that.

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