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    I want to open links in a new window in the website tabs drop down menus?

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Q: There have been a couple of things that have frustrated me greatly...

The natural place that I first tried was replacing the "content1" line with a direct URL in the var bmenuItems section but this made no difference at all.

["Home","content1", "", "", "", "", "1", "", "", ],

Is it possible to allow one of the drop down menus tabs on this template to just open another page?
I look forward to your response in regards to these questions and hope to hear from you again soon so that I can crack on with this project.

A: Try to set var tabMode = 1;
and use links for your items.
You can't assign links in Dhtml Tabs when you're using var tabMode = 0;.
You can assign only the object's ID of <div> on your page.

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