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    Is there a way to set the default css horizontal menu tab on a page load?

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Q: Is there a way to set the default tab showing on a page load?

When using the DHTML-Tabs, the second tab seems to be selected tab when displaying css horizontal menu in a page.

A: You should use the following parameter:

var bselectedItem = 3;

Where 3 is the number of your css horizontal menu item from the var bmenuItems parameter.
var bmenuItems =
["Mac Tab 1", "content1"],
["Mac Tab 2", "content2"],
["Mac Tab 3", "content3"],
["Mac Tab 4", "content4"], // selected tab

The ID of the item starts with 0.
You can move this parameter from your data file to html page directly (before you call data file) and set correct value for it on each page. Try that.

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