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    How to get javascript popup menus to swap images to act like a traditional image rollover.

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Q: I can't find out how to get javascript popup menus items to swap images to act like a traditional image rollover. I have situations where I need to use unique images for each state of a button: normal, mouse over, mouse down.

A: The javascript popup menus has only two states normal and mouseover.
You should use Individual Item Styles.

See the example of DHTML Menu here:


You should use "itemBackImage" parameter.

var itemStyles = [
["itemWidth=92px","itemBorderWidth=0","fontStyle=normal 11px Tahoma","fontColor=#FFFFFF,#FFFFFF","itemBackImage=btn_greenblack.gif,btn_green.gif"],

You can also specify images in the javascript popup menus items. If item text is empty, icon fields will be used as item images.

For example:
["", "index.html", "itemImageNormal.gif", "itemImageOver.gif", "Home Page"]

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