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    I cannot get the separator images to appear in the web menu maker.

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Q: I've tried everything but cannot get the separator images (vertical or horizontal) to appear in my web menu maker. I've tried root relative and document relative paths, and even set the advanced image prefix variable, but they never appear. My other images appear fine, and I know the images are in the correct place.

A: Check that you've set a separators in the menuItems:

var menuItems = [
["Home","index.cfm", , , , , , , , ],
["-"], //separator
["About Us","about.cfm", , , , , , , , ],

See the following parameters also:

//------- Separators -------
var separatorImage=""; //--- file exists in this location
var separatorWidth="5";
var separatorHeight="100%";
var separatorAlignment="right";
var separatorVImage="/assets/images/public/separator.gif";
var separatorVWidth="3";
var separatorVHeight="100%";
var separatorPadding="";


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