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    I do not see any option in navigation web site to open the URL in new window on right-click...

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Q: If I right-mouse-click over a navigation web site item then I do not see any option to open the URL in new window/tab....

I do not get any options at all to open the URL in new window (or same window), in the browser context menu (both IE and Firefox).

A: No, DHTML Menu doesn't have such a feature. This is only text, not a link. And we won't change it. Because now you're able to paste any html code within navigation web site item.

var menuItems = [

You can write your links in the following way:

["Channels","", , , , , , , , ],
["|<a class='menu' href='http://google.com/'>google</a>","", , , , "_self", , , , ],
["|<a class='menu' href='http://google.com'>Market</a>","", , , , "_", , , , ],

And create a style:
A.menu {
color: #000;
text-decoration: none;}
A.menu:hover {
color: #000;
text-decoration: underline;}

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