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    Is there a way to optimize the horizontal menus to reduce the loading time for submenus?

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Q: I'm using your horizontal menus in cross frame mode. It works very good except a couple issues.

Does the dmObjectsCheck option work in cross frame mode? I have it set =1 and the submenus still underneath objects (such as select list) which have a higher z order.

After loading a new page in the sub menus window when I go back to the main menu to select another option it takes several seconds for the horizontal menus to come up. Once the delay of loading the initial submenu is over it loads all others very quickly until a new page is loaded again. Is there a way to optimize the horizontal menus to reduce this load time? I have already set dm_writeAll=0 but that only increased the speed of the initial display of the main horizontal menus.

A: Dhtml Menu overlap select objects in cross-frame mode correctly.
Try to do the following:
move all <script> calls into <head>, but delete dm_initFrame() function from data .js file -- move them instead of files calls, i.e.:

<script src=data.js>



<div><script>dm_initFrame("frmSet", 1, 2, 1); </script></div>

It this case data will be loaded when <head> will load, but after that menus must be shown quickly.
Let me know about results.

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