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    I've tried to specify the pathPrefix_img but I'm still having problem with images in down menu in javascript.

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Q: I've tried to specify the pathPrefix_img as suggested but I'm still having problem with images.
Can you clarify what I'm doing wrong?

A: You have set the following path prefix:

var pathPrefix_img="http://www.domain-name.com/images/";

and arrows

var arrowImageMain=["CFTopMenu.files/arrv_white_1.gif",""];

So, the full path we'll be:


Is it correct?
I've tried to download your image from this link but there is no such image.
If you want to place all images into the "images/" folder you should write your paths in the following way:

var pathPrefix_img="http://www.domain-name.com/images/";


var arrowImageMain=["arrv_white_1.gif",""];

Please, check that you uploaded all images in the correct places on the server.

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