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    My question is that not all my vertical menu using point to the same target

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Q: Iím currently testing your product and using the vertical menu using.† My question is that not all my vertical menu using point to the same target, I tried doing your suggestion on your FAQ but when I do that the vertical menu using do not even display, here is my code

† ["|Manage Users","user.asp",,,,,"fmeMain"] also tried different points in the parameters †

I know the break down is as follows †

[Display,Url,Icon1, icon2, title,supposedToBeTarget]

A: See, you can use links if you have
var tabMode=1;

If you have
var tabMode=0;

You should use the ID of the DIV.

Unfortunately, you cannot set target parameter for each item.
bmenuItems has the following structure:

var bmenuItems = [
["text", "divID or link or javascript function", "icon1", "icon2", "icon3", "tip", "styleN"],

But you can try to open your pages using different targets in the following way

["tab text", "javascript: window.open('test.html', 'frameName')", ...],
["tab text", "javascript: window.open('test.html', '_self')", ...],
["tab text", "javascript: window.open('test.html', '_blank')", ...],

Where frameName - the name of the frame where to open the page test.html.

Using this method you can create Deluxe Tabs in var tabMode=0; and var tabMode=1;

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