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    Will I have issues with the key in css drop down menus if my site has multiple host headers?

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Q: 1) I'm using this inside our firewall on a VPN intranet application. Am I going to have issues with the key if the site has multiple host headers and domains attached to it? For example:

2) I'd like to change what's in the NOSCRIPT tag to something other than a link for you if JavaScript is disabled on my user machine. I can understand the copyright remaining intact, however I don't believe I should have to display this to my users in the noscript.

A: Thanks for your interest in our products.

1) DHTML Menus support multiple keys in one data file, so you can apply the following syntax to use the same css drop down menus under multiple domains:

var key ="THE_FIRST_KEY"; //sandvine.com
var key1="THE_SECOND_KEY"; //salestools
... 2) If you delete NOSCRIPT tag from your pages you'll see "Incorrect Copyright" message in IE.
You can generate search engine friendly code, so you'll see menu links when JavaScript is disabled.
To generate such a code use DHTML Tuner application.
You can find this GUI in the trial package.
Run Tuner, load your menu and click Tools/Generate SE-friendly Code (F3).

This css drop down menus is a search engine friendly menu since v1.12.
To create a search engine friendly menu you should add additional html code within your html page:

<div id="dmlinks">
<a href="http://deluxe-menu.com">menu_item_text1</a>
<a href="http://deluxe-tree.com">menu_item_text2</a>

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