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    My site has three levels of a folder structure. Can I create only one website navigation?

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Q: My site has three levels of a folder structure.  Can I create only a one website navigation that will allow me to link in and out of folders?  Or I should design three menu's with different link locations? 

A: You can use one website navigation.

Use additional parameters to make website navigation paths absolute:

var pathPrefix_img = "http://domain.com/images/";
var pathPrefix_link = "http://domain.com/pages/";

These parameters allow to make images and links paths absolute.
For example:

var pathPrefix_img = "http://domain.com/images/";
var pathPrefix_link = "http://domain.com/pages/";
var menuItems = [
["text", "index.html", "icon1.gif", "icon2.gif"],

So, link path will be look so:

Images paths will be look so:

Please, try to use these parameters.

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