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    If your cascading menus supports key navigation, like Alt-F to select a cascading menus?

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Q: I am evaluating various cascading menus systems and need to know if your supports key navigation. For example press Alt-F to select a cascading menus?

A: DHTML Menu has keystrokes support.

Use the following parameter to enable keystrokes support:
var keystrokes = 1;
0 - disabled (default), 1 - enabled.

Use also the following parameters:
var dm_focus = 1; Show focus selection for selected item.
var dm_actKey = 113; Key code for keystrokes activation.
Works with Ctrl key only.
Default value is 113 = F2 key, 114 = F3 key, 115 = F4 key, etc.

Ctrl+F2 - enter the menu/switch to next cascading menus on the page.
Enter - enter the menu.
Arrow keys - navigate.
Esc - exit the menu.

Please, try the trial version, http://dhtml-menu.com

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