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    I would like to have links of menu dhtml to our website when javascript turned off.

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Q: #1 - Is it possible to run the script for menu dhtml on server side by php file, so when javascript is turned off it will still work?

#2- I would like to have web links to our website when javascript is turned off, something like this:

home contact support

A: 1) Unfortunately you can't do it.
There is no way to enable these preferences automatically, in other case there are no reasons to create security preferences.

Try to use search engine friendly code, so you'll see all your links.
2) menu dhtml is a search engine friendly menu since v1.12.
To generate such a code use DHTML Tuner application.
You can find this GUI in the trial package.
Run Tuner, load your menu and click Tools/Generate SE-friendly Code (F3).

Add additional html code within your html page:

<div id="dmlinks">
<a href="http://deluxe-menu.com">menu_item_text1</a>
<a href="http://deluxe-tree.com">menu_item_text2</a>

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