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    We want the hyperlink works fine for main items in vertical drop down menu

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Q: We want to create a hyperlink (lets say google.com) to the item (eg. Industry,Intl. Airlines) and display it in the data frame.

For eg On clicking the 'Intl.Airlines', the hyperlinked contents should be displayed on the Data Frame along with expanding the navigation items. Right now it just expands the navigation vertical drop down menu, but the link doesn't work.

The hyperlink works fine for the subitems. We want to do the same for the main vertical drop down menu items as well.

A: You can write your top items in the following way:

["<a href='http://google.com' target='DataFrame' style='color: #000; text-decoration: none;'>Intl.Airlines</a>","", "", "", "", "", "DataFrame", "", "", ],

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