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    Will the menu pop up stay in view when the user scrolls down?

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Q: Can I install the menu pop up using my buttons? I might be able to do it if the buttons used only one image, but they use two images. One is light and the other dark.

I also have some questions:
1) Will the menu pop up stay in view when the user scrolls down?

2) I'm not even sure I care if the menu pop up stays in view, because I believe that is done using php and is not good for search engines. The file that the search engines see is index.html while the file that visitors see is home.php. I think it would be better for SEO to have a normal .html page. Are you able to do that?

A: How you should make image-based menus: if item text is empty, icon fields will be used as item images.
For example:
["", "index.html", "menu1a.gif", "menu1b.gif", "Home Page"]

1) You should use floatable feature.
See the following parameter:
var floatable=1;

2) You can generate search engine friendly code using DHTML Tuner:
"Tools/Generate SE-friendly Code".

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