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    I'm using this javascript horizontal menu in the cross-frame mode using the CSS-style...

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Q: I'm having multiple problems with my javascript horizontal menu in the horizontal cross-frame style using the CSS-type layout.


1. The javascript horizontal menu is working fine in Firefox but I can't see the Menu or frames in Internet Explorer.

2. My links don't open in the bottom frame ( I know you will see that it's set to "_blank" now, but I tried setting the
var itemTarget="_bottommenu";
and the code in the javascript horizontal menu section at the bottom of the data.js file to the same but it still doesn't work.

3. I have changed the colors in the data.js and the css-mode.css files and still can't change the subMenu background colors. ( I have put everything back like it was, but for example if I want to change the submenu or javascript horizontal menu background color to grey and the mouseover color to red where do I change that at)? Do I edit the .css file or the data.js file

Once again, thanks for your help and any advice.

A: 1) Your javascript horizontal menu works fine in all browsers.

2) You should use the following parameter to set a frame name:

var itemTarget="";

["Home","testlink.htm", "css/icon1.gif", "css/icon12.gif", "Home", "frm2", "0", "0", , ],
["Products","", "css/icon2.gif", "css/icon22.gif", "Products", , "0", , , ],
["|Hard Drives","testlink.htm"],
["||Linux Compatible","testlink.htm", , , , "frm2",],
["||Windows Compatible","testlink.htm", , , , "frm2",],
3) Set the item color for the submenus in your css file in itemNormal and itemOver styles.

Your should add the following line into the <head> tag of the bottommenu.htm file.
<link href="data-samples/css-mode.css" type=text/css rel=stylesheet>

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