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    I need to be able to execute some javascript code when I click on a java navigation menu...

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Q: Hi there. I am evaluating your DHTML Tabs and I ran into a small problem. If I can get this resolved I am ready to purchase this java navigation menu.

I want to dynamically set the location.href property of an iFrame located inside of a content div.
I can't figure out how to do it. I need to be able to execute some javascript when I click on a tab. Any help will go a long way for me to decide to purchase. Thanks!

A: You can use your own javascript functions within the java navigation menu items.

You should paste "javascript:some_function()" into item's link field, for example:

["tab text","javascript: window.open('test.html', 'frameName')", ...],
["tab text","javascript: getURLForFrame()", ...],

Try that.

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