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    I have some questions about the loading of ajax dynamic css menu.

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Q: I'm trying to include your dynamic css menu in our current web based software solution and am particularly taken with the 'Ajax feature' loading.

Our current dynamic css menu system (made up of 4 levels deep) contains over 300 links, which is why I want to minimise server hit as much as possible!

When the dynamic css menu load those files? When dynamic css menu is drawn (so multiple small hits to app server) or when the user hover over the dynamic css menu?

Does the ajax file *have* to be a .js file or I can use any valid file type that returns the correct data? I have to generate the dynamic css menu options dynamically from a DB and therefore really need to include a JSP style file.

A: dynamic css menu loads ajax files when the user move his mouse above the menu items.

You can use any extension for these files. But the file structure should be the same as in our example.

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