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What's New

  Version 2.0

DHTML Tree Menu v2.0 was released.
  • New engine, new features, new performance!
  • Several .js modules to decrease a loadable data level according to selected features
  • Special JavaScript API (apytmenu_dyn.js) that allows you to change your menu "on-the-fly":
         - create new items and insert them into any place of the menu
         - create submenus in XP-mode
         - delete items and submenus
         - change items parameters and their appearance
         - disable/enable items
         - expand/collapse items and submenus
         - show/hide items and submenus
         - get detailed information about the menu and its components: items parameters, object IDs, etc.
         - assign your own functions to mouse click and mouse right-click events
  • New animation effects, so your menus will look like standard menus in Windows XP Explorer
  • New parameters:
         - var tcloseExpanded, var tcloseExpandedXP - allow expanding of only one item and one sumbenu
         - var tXPFilter - enables a fade effect for XP submenu in Internet Explorer
         - var tfontColorDisabled - font color for disabled items
         - var tfloatableX, tfloatableY - set a floatable ability for the menu along X and Y axes
         - var tnoWrap - enables a word-wrap mode
         - var ttoggleMode - enables a toggle mode - selected item is highlighted
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