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Pop Up Menu Creator - Main Window


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1. Main Menu

2. Toolbar
      The toolbar gives you a quick access to main menu commands.
  • New Project (Ctrl+N) - create a new project;
  • Open Project (Ctrl+O) - open an existing project (.js file);
  • Save Project (Ctrl+S) - save the current project with all images;
  • Export To HTML (Ctrl+H) - insert the current menu into the blank HTML page including all images;
  • Help (F1) - view this manual.
3. Menu Parameters
    Each menu type has personal parameters.
    This section allows you to adjust menu parameters. To see more info about the parameter click on button on the left side of it.
    You can modify some parameters by entering values into a value field (for example, an integer value), others can be changed by using special dialogs (for example, a color or an image). You should modify parameters cautiously if you change them. For example, an integer parameter can only use numerical values and can't use text and special characters. If you get an error in a preview window after the modification - check the changed value.
    You can copy, cut-and-paste parameters' values. In other words, you can do the same actions as with standard HTML forms.

4. Menu Items
    These controls allow you to create, modify and delete menu items using Pop Up Menu Creator.
    The bottom items panel contains the following buttons:
  • Add Item - add a new item to the menu;
  • Add Subitem - add a new sub item to a selected item;
  • Add Separator - add a separator after the selected item;
  • Delete Selected - delete selected items;
  • Delete All - delete all the items of a menu;
  • Edit Individual Styles... - open individual styles window.
You can use Shift and Ctrl keys to select a group of items.

  • To rename an item you can use item parameters window or click on the item and hold a mouse cursor for a second.
  • To move items select items you want and use a mouse drag'n'drop method. You can use Shift and Ctrl keys to select a group of items.
  • To copy items select those you want and use a mouse drag'n'drop method with a Ctrl key.
Also you can use a contextual menu - a right mouse click on the list of items.

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