Flyout Menus Types


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The DHTML Tuner 3.0 supports 3 menu types:

Each of these menu types has its own parameters. But ideology is identical: all the flyout menus have parameters, menu items and individual styles.
Using the Tuner you can easily adjust each menu parameter.
You can modify menu data manually in any text editor. These data are saved into a .js file, so you can open this file in a text editor and change it.

To change a menu type (project type) in the Tuner choose (File/Select Menu Type...)

When you create a new project, it's recommended that you save your project before you'll make changes in it.
When you save your project you set a default directory for all images and URLs paths. So, if you select, for example, the image and this image is situated in a subdirectory of the directory where your project is saved, the image path will be a relative one. In other case the image path will be absolute.

When you open a project in Tuner, make sure that you have a correct menu (project) type.
If you open a project which doesn't have the same type - you'll have errors in Preview.

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