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    CSS-based Menu Example

This is a CSS-based menu.

The menu uses common CSS-styles from the .css-file.
You can specify a css-style for each submenu and item.

For enabling CSS mode following parameters are necessary:

    var cssStyle=0/1; - disable/enable css mode;

    var cssClass="className"; - general class. For example:
        .myClass {...}
        var cssClass="myClass";

    var menuStyles = [ ["CSS=className"] ]; - individual css class for submenu;

    var itemStyles = [ ["CSS=classNameNormal,classNameOver"] ]; - individual css class for item.

Also new individual parameter was added for items:

var itemStyles = [ ["itemWidth=number"] ];

It allows to set precise width for each item.

To see configuration file (.js file) click here.

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