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    Popup Mode Example

Right click on document space to call a right-click context menu.
<body bgcolor=#FFFFFF onContextMenu="return apy_popup(1, 1000, event);">

Mouseover the image to see a context dhtml menu:
<img src="img/foto1.gif" width=90 height=98 hspace=10 onMouseOver="return apy_popup(0, 2000, event);" align=left>

Mouseover this link to see a second context dhtml menu
<a href="testlink.html" onMouseOver="return apy_popup(1, 1000, event);">

Click this link to see a second context dhtml menu
<a href="#" onClick="return apy_popup(1, 1000, event);">

To create a popup menu you should set following parameters:

var popupMode=1;

To show a popup menu assign the following function call to event:

yourEvent = "return apy_popup(menuN, pause, event);"

    yourEvent - event type (onMouseOver, onClick, onContextMenu, etc.)
    menuN - menu number on page.
    pause - inactivity delay.
    event - reserved. Do not change.

For example:

    <img src="pic" onMouseOver="return apy_popup(0, 2000, event);">

To see configuration file (.js file) click here: popup-menu 1 popup-menu 2.

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