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    New Transition Effects Example

15 new transitional effects were added.
All compatible with Internet Explorer 5.5+;

A new transition effect has index 25..39. (var transition=25..39;)
Here is the example of a GradientWipe transition (var transition=27;).

Also the new parameter was added: var transOptions="transition options";
This parameter sets options only for new transition effects.
If you don't set this parameter, transition options will be default.

Here is the list of new transitions:

25: Blinds
    var transOptions= "bands=number, direction=up/down/left/right";

26: Checkerboard
    var transOptions= "direction=up/down/left/right, SquaresX=number, SquaresY=number";

27: GradientWipe
    var transOptions= "gradientSize=[0..1], wipestyle=0/1, motion=forward/reverse";

28: Inset
    This transition doesn't have options.

29: Iris
    var transOptions= "irisstyle=diamond/circle/cross/plus/aquare/star, motion=in/out";

30: Pixelate
    var transOptions= "maxSquare=number";

31: RadialWipe
    var transOptions= "wipestyle=clock/wedge/radial";

32: RandomBars
    var transOptions= "orientation=horizontal/vertical";

33: RandomDissolve
    This transition doesn't have options.

34: Slide
    var transOptions= "slidestyle=hide/push/swap, bands=number";

35: Spiral
    var transOptions= "gridSizeX=number, gridSizeY=number";

36: Stretch
    var transOptions= "stretchstyle=hide/push/spin";

37: Strips
    var transOptions= "motion=leftdown/leftup/rightup/rightdown";

38: Wheel
    var transOptions= "spokes=number";

39: Zigzag
    var transOptions= "gridSizeX=number, gridSizeY=number";

To see configuration file (.js file) click here

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