Javascript Tree Menu by

DHTML Tree:   Standard Web Tree Menu

version 3.3

  • Standard Style
    This sample has standard style.
    You can create both standard or XP-like types of web tree menu.

  • Positioning of Tree Menu
    You can set absolute or relative position for Web Tree Menu (parameter: var tabsolute).
    It can be placed within a Table or DIV.

  • Font, Colors, Borders, Images
    - Appoint images to icons, menu, items backgrounds. - You can use any available font style;
    - You can use any available border width and style;
    - You can use any color for items background, menu background, font, and borders;

  • Items Appearance
    Set custom width, height, cursor, alignment for items and icons.

  • Lines
    Appoint your own images for lines.

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          Standart Web Tree Menu
          XP Style Silver
          XP Style Blue  
          XP Style Olive  
          XP Style Green  
          XP Style Orange  
          XP Style Red