Javascript Tree Menu by

DHTML Tree:     XP Style Olive
                   Floatable Script Menu Tree

version 3.3

  • XP-Style
    This sample has XP-style.
    You can create both standard or XP-like types of web tree menu.

  • Floating Script Menu Tree
    - When the page is scrolled the menu stays visible (parameter: var tfloatable).
       Try to scroll the page.
    - The menu can float along one or two coordinate axes with different speed
       (parameters: var tfloatableX, var tfloatableY, var tfloatIterations).

  • Animation and Effects
    - Click on titles of sub menus - sub menus will collapse or expand.
    - Sub menus have a fade effect in IE when you collapse/expand them,
       so your menus look like original menus in Windows XP Explorer.
    - You can set different speed for an animation (parameter: var tXPIterations)

  • Expand/Collapse Control
    There is the menu where 1 item and 1 submenu can be expanded at the same time
       (parameters: var tcloseExpanded, var tcloseExpandedXP).

  • Icons
    Create 3-state icons for each item in normal, mouseover and expanded states.

  • Number of Sub menus and Items
    - You're able to create as many sub menus and items as you wish.
    - The menu performs well with a any amount of items.

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          Standart Web Tree Menu
          XP Style Silver
          XP Style Blue  
          XP Style Olive  
          XP Style Green  
          XP Style Orange  
          XP Style Red